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November 28 2015

Saatnya Bikin Kue Brownies Panggang Rasa Coklat

Saatnya Bikin Kue Brownies Panggang Rasa Pisang - When vacationing in Bandung and walks toward Dago Pakar, surely we will pass through a variety of cafes that offer scenic beauty of the city of Bandung. Lisung cafe is one of the places to eat themed background view of Bandung. The beauty of this city even more so if it was getting late. Lisung This is one of the cafes in the area Dago Pakar being my favorite. Lisung is located at Jl. Dago Pakar Timur No. 111, Dago Pakar, Lembang.   
Lisung This cafe has a building that is not too big, but the interior of the cafe is laid out in such a way that it becomes a cool hangout, and most often targeted by Bandung residents and tourists. In addition, Lisung also designed with traditional themes such as shacks. Wood decor looks very dominate the entire interior Lisung so that produce suasan romantic and comfortable. Views of the city that is surrounded by mountains towering in the distance looks more beautiful when seen from   
In addition to offering a comfortable atmosphere and beautiful scenery, Lisung also offer various types of food and drink with a delicious taste. This excess of Lisung cafes, not only to attract consumers with a convenient place alone, but the quality of the taste of food is also a priority.   
Various menus ranging from Indonesia to the outside menu is available in lisung. Sop Iga is one of the mainstays of Lisung menu. These ribs soup into one menu that I often come here every message, because it feels good emang and taste the broth was really Seger really. But other foods weve also proved to have a good taste. Such as Pizza Lisung, the material is essentially a mixture of vegetables.   
In addition to the scenery and food yahud okay, that makes Lisung be a cool place to eat for hanging as well as accompanied by live musicnya so that adds to the atmosphere Lisung at night becomes increasingly Romance.

Cerita Memasak Kue Semprit Bareng Teman

Cerita Memasak Kue Semprit Bareng Teman - First heard the name of the cafe Ground Zero from a friend who has several times to hang out ngajakin to Ground Zero. The place is on Jalan Martanegara No. 8 Bandung. This place turned out to emang one vintage classy cafe in the city of Bandung. Understandably because I rarely venture into the area Buah Batu, Martanegara and surroundings so less know if there is a cool cafe for using that hanging out.
Ground Zero Cafe has a unique interior. The brown wood looks really dominate the room. Pillars made of wooden beams visible here and there. Which makes it more unique cafe Ground Zero again and looks vintage is an interior that makes onderdril-onderdril old bike hanging from the ceiling. Coupled with a collection of old antique motorcycles on display right in front of the entrance to Ground Zero.
In addition to the place that looks very classic, here too there are many menu a delicious meal, which certainly can make you satisfied. Call it a full menu of steaks, such as Tenderloin Steak and other types Steak, Rice envious Black Magic, Kuluyuk Sauce Chicken, Hot Dog In Black, Beef In Ciabatta and much more.
Ground Zero Cafe This turned out to be formed by some of the children it is college students who tablets. If you are interested to visit, Ground Zero is open every day from 11:00 noon until 23:00 at night. To be sure this place is very recommendation for my friends who emang doyannya hang out while nikmatin delicacy.

Cara Memasak Omelet Tanpa Sayuran

Cara Memasak Omelet Tanpa Sayuran - Full outdoor Area located in the garden equipped with tables and chairs iron. The front or the yard, there is a wooden house and a playground for children. Next to it there is a park and waterfalls that adorn the pages.      
In addition to the cozy atmosphere, which weve now become a much sought after by many people, Tree House Cafe also supported by the cuisine, who has good taste. Tree House Cafe provides a wide variety of menus ranging from Indonesian and international food. Ranging from snack, main course, to dessert available at Treehouse.      
At that time, I ordered the Steak and Juice Strawberry for individual menus, while for the do-ramenya menu we pesen Pizza Meat Lovers. For the price itself is arguably still in accordance with the foods we choose and I think hell is still affordable at a student, because every meal here is always crowded by students who spend time with my friend's apartment.    
If you emang one person who likes to find a place to eat which is also cool to be a place to hang out, Tree House Cafe This could be a recommendation for you. In addition to the cafe atmosphere that is cool da comfortable, the service here was friendly and fast. If curious, directly datangin place in Jalan Hasanuddin No. 5, Bandung. Welcome to visit and berkuliner.

September 07 2015

Lets Make Bolu Pisang Cake Today!

Lets Make Bolu Pisang Cake Today! - As for the present there MieMirip noodles in a special set that can mimic the presentation in picture packs of noodles. with typical special spice blend Mix, MieMirip also comes with a different taste and will surely shake your tongue relentless. MieMirip the vaforit there is MieMirip Curry Chicken, Chicken MieMirip Onions and Fried MieMirip. presentation MieMirip or Instant Noodles Similar wrapper has an affordable price of Rp 19,000, - to Rp 20,000, -, complete with thigh marinated chicken special and eggs for MieMirip taste of curry chicken and MieMirip chicken onion, chunks of shrimp and egg for presentation at MieMirip Fried.   
Besides in Jakarta, in the city of Yogyakarta and Central Java Purwokerto also do not want to miss the current menu ngehitz and present this in 2015. so many pendagang serving its Instant Noodles Similar Wrap. Similar to Mie place in Purwokerto located in the area Unsoed Purwokerto his shop named Mie Meh At Karo Bungkuse. Mix is ​​similar to Diner & Florist, in Mie shop Meh At Karo Bungkuse also serves Instant Noodles are served exactly rich in his pack of Indomie brand, Supermie, Sarimie, Sedap Mie, Mie Sussces and others.   
Talking about its Instant Noodles Similar Wrap reminds admin with Ramen Noodles Ramen Noodles Japan and Korea. there presenting his Ramen noodles Similar Wrap probably already familiar yes. unlike in Indonesia is being dibooming the Instant Noodle with the same presentation to the wrapper. well, for those of you who are curious about How to Make Instant Noodle Wrap Similar Same her, yuck listened 3 Recipes to Make Instant Noodles Similar Wrap it like this.

List of Cuisine Crispy Ayam Goreng

List of Cuisine Crispy Ayam Goreng - Instant noodles is one of the foods enjoyed whenever and wherever practical. meaninglessness of instant noodle noodles made with herbs that instant and of course cook with instant way. it may take 3 to 5 minutes to make instant noodles were tasty and delicious. nah, for you the Indonesia of course, already familiar with instant noodles instead?
Grain processing Instant Noodles in Indonesia for the time being absent from the sauce to fried noodles with a variety of brands and flavors are mixed. maybe you've never tasted all variants Flavor Instant Noodles. we often made the same presentation packs a drool Instant Noodles are served with vegetables, meatballs, sausage, sliced ​​chicken, rendang and seductive pepper slices.   
Perhaps you often wish and imagine enjoying instant noodles grain identical to wrap her. hope it is not wrong anyway, because eating instant noodles according to the advice presentation was more nutritional value. besides appearance looks more beautiful and attractive, of course, will make us grow nabsu meal to eat immediately. nah, Presentation of Instant Noodles are presented similar to his pack lately currently popular in Indonesia.   
Lots of restaurants, sidewalk cafes or shops vying Instant Noodles serves the same with his pack. nah, to Jakarta serving its Instant Noodles Similar Wrap is Mix Diner & Florist. there presenting its Instant Noodles Similar Wrap is called MieMirip. As for the various menu options there like Chicken and Beef bulgogi, karage Chicken, Chicken yakiniku, Lava Chicken, Chicken Keprek ancur 47 (with a choice of chili level), Sushi Fried, and also a variety of dessert, Pudding and Mochi Ice Cream.

August 12 2015

Nasi Uduk Nutritious Food For Families

Nasi Uduk Nutritious Food For Families - One of a variety of foods made from potatoes has become the most popular foods in Indonesia. Aside from potatoes, there are also cakes made from cassava, sweet potato, or know. Previously I had to share recipes make corn bakwan super tasty and easy to manufacture.

And today, we will get acquainted with the recipes make the potato cakes plus krenyes going to make you addicted. Yuuk straight course, the following steps to make potato cakes with ease and not pakek complicated.

The easy way to make potato cakes
First peel the potatoes, wash them clean, then fried until golden brown.
Ulek already fried potatoes last until smooth, then insert it into a medium-sized container.
Add pepper, flavoring, celery and leeks that have been sliced ??into small pieces before. Stir in potato, pepper, flavoring, and chives until well blended and the dough into a round shape (form according to your taste is fine).
In a different container, put the eggs, whipped, then dip the dough into egg potato cakes until evenly on every surface.
Pour the oil into the frying pan, heat, and fry until lightly browned potato cakes. Then remove and drain, and the potato cakes were ready to eat.

Make a delicious potato cakes is not hard, even easy really. The materials are also very easy to obtain. Good luck well make potato cakes. Do not forget to see also some of the following recipes are super tasty.

The Nugget Ayam Spicy Favorites Everyone

The Nugget Ayam Spicy Favorites Everyone - Donat is the food that is not foreign to our ears. Round and has a hole in the middle of the ring-shaped glance are the hallmark of this food. The donuts are generally made from wheat flour alone, but there is also a variety of other by adding potatoes to the dough.

Then how to make potato donuts? Here recipe how to make donuts you can do right now in the kitchen. Oh well, try also no less delicious recipes, namely how to make a pancake recipe is super simple but delicious.

1. Cut the potatoes into pieces, then boiled until cooked.
2. Afterwards, puree with mashed or blended way. Make sure the potatoes completely smooth evenly
3. Enter the flour, sugar, milk powder, yeast, eggs, baking powder and mashed potatoes that had been earlier. Then stir about 20 minutes.
4. Stir the dough using a mixer until smooth half then let stand for 30 minutes until the dough expands.
5. Avoid mixing yeast, butter, and salt together because they can cause the dough does not expand and seemed stiff.
6. Then add salt, butter, and also water and stir until completely smooth. Stirring about 10 minutes long.
7. Then divide the dough into pieces and let stand for 15 minutes so the dough is really expanding.
8. After that, form the dough like donuts in general that there is a hole in the middle. You can also form a dough according to your taste.
9. Pour the oil into a frying pan, then fry the dough donut in low heat until the color turns brown. Use tools such as chopsticks when frying donuts in order to get a perfect circle in the donut hole.

Now you can enjoy your own homemade potato donuts with ease. Hopefully the recipe on how to make potato donuts beneficial and useful for you. Consider also some of the following recipes
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